About Us

Your logo the three trees stands for Father, Son and Holy Spirit to exemplify, purification, and strength throughout God’s creation. We take care of our customers, you are important to us. We are up front and honest with our customers. We are a Family Owned business. We belong to the Better Business Bureau. We use only effective and organic products that are safe for people, pets and the environment.

Fit Lawn is Experience, Licensed and Certified in the following:
Arbor Turf Management
Emerald Ash Borer Services
Commercial and Residential Property
Indoor and outdoor exterminator

About Pat

The Owner

Pat Fritz has been in business with Fit Lawn since 2013

First landscaping job was at a local dentist office, was 12 years old.

Started cutting down trees at 15.

Work for a seed company as their personal landscaper for 6 years, while starting up the Fit Lawn Business.