Lawn Maintenance

Some of the benefits of Fit Lawn's Fertilizer are:

At Fit Lawn, we will take the time to knock on your door and speak with you about every treatment that we have executed and offer any care suggestions we have. There are times when we may identify a specific issue while maintaining your lawn and we will not hesitate to share this news with you. Our lawn care program includes many services to benefit the appearance of your yard. So that it will be a Fit Lawn.

In the Spring

  1. De-thatch and Over Seeding
  2. Weed Application
  3. Fertilizer Application
  4. Crabgrass Prevention
  5. Insecticide this is done in the spring to early June

Lawn Maintenance

In the Fall

  1. Weed Application
  2. Fertilizer Application
  3. Core Aeration which is done around October 15th